Social Responsibility Project supported by Club Santana

Since it was founded 25 years ago, Club Santana has developed strong links with the local community.

In 2010, Terra Crioula, a not-for-profit organization, was set up to promote local development and to improve the living conditions of the local communityand it is directly linked to the development of the town of Santana and the fishermen’s village. Together with Terra Crioula, we have been supporting local artists and artisans, and promoting a local school of Capoeira for children from Messias Alves. Club Santana also works closely with NGO MARAPA in the implementation of the Tatô Programme for the protection of sea turtles on the Messias Alves beach. The programme consists of monitoring of nesting female sea turtles between September and April, as well as the incubation period, and informing the public about the importance of the conservation of these threatened species.

Internally, we assist our guests in the preparation of their visits to local tourist attractions such as the cocoa plantations and artisan shops; we also help to organise some original experiences such as fishing at sunrise in a small fisherman’s pirogue. In order to promote the local economy and minimize food imports, Club Santana gets its fruit and vegetables from local markets and most of our fish are bought daily from Club Santana’s beach fishermen.