São Tomée Principe

Practical Information

Climate - Equatorial, varying from ultra-humid to semi-arid. There are two well-defined seasons, the hot season - October to May - and the cool season - June to September. The average yearly temperatures are a maximum of 29.4ºC and a minimum of 21.4ºC, with highs and lows of 32.4ºC and 15.4ºC. During the cool season the weather is very pleasant, with a constant, refreshing breeze.
Capital - São Tomé
Currency - Dobra
Population – Approximately 153,000.
Languages – Official language Portuguese, Dialects – Forro (São Tomé), Lunguye (Príncipe), Angolar (Creole based on Kimbundu) Most commonly spoken foreign language – French, due to the Francophone countries in the Gulf of Guinea. Main religions – Catholic (predominant), Protestant, Adventist

STP (Standard time zone) – GMT/UTC +00:00 hour // Daylight saving time – Not applicable
Electricity – 220 Volts
Public Holidays – 01 January; 03 February; 01 May; 12 July (Independence Day); 06 September; 30 September; 21 December (Transition Government Taking Office in 1974) and 25 December.